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What is Business Networking In Barnstaple?

Business Networking in Barnstaple (BNIB) is a team of local businesses based in  North Devon who meet weekly in order to expand their business through making new contacts and gaining new work through focused business referrals.

It’s not just the members themselves that make great contacts, but the extensive list of associates, business contacts, friends and family to whom each member can introduce to their team.

Our group has had over 13 Years of experience providing a professional networking platform for business owners in Barnstaple and the North Devon area.

Business Introductions
Introductions To New Business Contacts – There are always new companies in attendance at the bi-monthly ‘open house’ mornings. We believe in long term business relationships to help your business develop and thrive.

Valuable Referrals
The beauty of BNIB as a networking group is that you are not pressured into giving weak business leads to each other. Members are encouraged to find fully qualified, valuable referrals that will really help your business.

If you come along to a Tuesday meeting you will be greeted by a group of friendly, like-minded business people who are more than happy to talk business and help you in any way they can.

Local Services
We have developed the concept of utilising the services of local people we meet and doing business ourselves more locally, which is more cost effective and sustainable. Do you really want to have to drive to the other end of the country if most business could be done within a 25 mile radius?

Tracking business passed
One of the benefits of joining this premier networking group in Barnstaple is that we get results through good referrals and we actually track the business passed on a monthly basis.

Advice and Education
Free Educational Seminars – There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the membership that is freely available to you.  Develop your business skills with our help and advice.

Members Discounts
You will get a discount on your membership – As attendance is key to the successful passing of business referrals we actually give you a discount of £100, just for turning up every week!

Great reasons to be a part of the BNIB Team

Lock out your competitors
We only allow one  member per business trade/profession to join the group

We focus on passing business not just socializing
At BNIB the focus is helping your business

We offer training and education
Our training and education helps improve business and networking experience.

A great structure
We have a system and structure that works to ensure that members get the most from their membership.

We work together
Many members have formed ongoing working relationships that have allowed them to expand their business even further.

BNIB Terms and Conditions

For information of our full Terms and Conditions you can download a PDF here:
» BNIB terms and conditions

Would you like to join our team of members?

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